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At Local Heroes Auto we can get almost wheel for your Car, Truck or SUV and at the lowest costs around.  The steps below will help guide you through the wheel buying process, ensuring sales, appearance and performance satisfaction.  We'll help you pick the right wheels for your setup. Some wheels may look good, but they may not be the right ones for your vehicle and thats where our expertise will help guide you.  Want to change your suspension setup, we'll help you design that also.  Give us a call or stop by to learn more. 

Alloy Wheels - Think about buying alloy wheels if you do a lot of driving in the mountains or in stop-and-go traffic. Some alloy wheels are designed to encourage cool air flow over the brakes to prevent overheating. The alloy itself can help dissipate heat, too.

Plus-Size Your Rims -  If you want to improve performance and add a sportier look, think about plus-sizing your rims. With a larger inner diameter, you'll find steering is more responsive and your car holds the road better. Purchasing rims that are one or two sizes larger than what you have means you'll have to buy new tires as well.

Keep The Weight Down -  Look for rims that aren't too heavy for your vehicle. Big, steel rims on a small car can decrease handling ability. Heavy wheels are unsprung weight--not supported by your car's suspension-- and therefore useless for smoothing out the ride or improving balance in driving maneuvers.

Shop the best wheel brands

TireBuyer & Local Heroes Auto have the hot new rims that'll transform your ride.

With a huge inventory and warehouses all across the country, we've got the wheels you want from the brands you trust -- and we can get them to your preferred neighborhood installer Local Heroes Auto, fast.

Brand lineup

AdvantiAdvanti wheels

Lightweight, strong, and affordable one-piece cast alloy wheels for cars and crossover SUVs, available in a range of styles and finishes. Learn more 

BMF WheelsBMF Wheels wheels

Truly unique, uncompromising 4x4 wheel designs for off-road and lifted truck enthusiasts. Learn more 

Bravado WheelsBravado wheels

If you're looking for classic muscle car design with a little bit of modern swagger, look no further. Learn more 

Cragar WheelsCragar wheels

From dragsters to street rods, pickups to off-road vehicles, the Cragar name stands for speed, performance, good times, and adventure. Learn more 

Cruiser Alloy WheelsCruiser Alloy wheels

Made for the street, Cruiser Alloy wheels feature premium materials, fashion-forward style, and smooth lines. Learn more 

X Wheels

Dick Cepek wheels

Built to help off-roaders do what they love: Get out there, get dirty, get muddy, get wet -- without ever ever worrying about getting stuck. Learn more 

Drifz Wheels
DropStars Wheels

Dropstars wheels

At the intersection of performance and luxury, Dropstars wheels deliver that stop-and-stare style you're looking for. Learn more 

Gear Wheels

Gear Alloy wheels

Built to stand up to the demands of off-road exploring, Gear Alloy Wheels give your truck or SUV a rugged look. Learn more 

Icw Wheels

ICW Racing wheels

Take your vehicle to a whole new level of style, with premium-quality, precision-built wheels from ICW Racing. Learn more 

Konig WheelsKonig wheels

Konig's innovative design, signature styles, and superb craftsmanship have made them a favorite among auto enthusiasts of all kinds. Learn more 

Mamba WheelsMamba wheels

Get dirty, have fun, and look tough as hell while you're doing it with Mamba Offroad Alloys. Learn more 

Maxxim WheelsMaxxim wheels

With extreme designs and bold finishes, Maxxim wheels will get you noticed.Learn more 

Mickey Thompson Wheels

Mickey Thompson wheels

Dedicated to designing and producing the finest performance tires in the world for the street, strip, track, and off-road. Learn more 

Monster WheelsMonster Edition wheels

Get Monster style and rugged, go-anywhere durability with the Monster Energy Limited Edition off-road rim collection. Learn more 

Motiv Luxury Alloys
OC Perfromance

OE Performance wheels

OE Performance wheels are built using the same traditional values and innovative traits that define the Original Equipment standard. Learn more 

Platnum Wheels

Platinum wheels

Platinum wheels deliver strength, styling, and precision craftsmanship-plus a little extra flash for the distinguished wheel buyer Learn more 

Walker Evans RacingWalker Evans Racing wheels

Founded by the racing legend of the same name, Walker Evans Racing builds performance-driven, race-proven, off-road and street wheels. Learn more