Our People

The Best Team in Petaluma, CA. Bodega Location The Local Heroes Team at the Bodega Location

Our Valued Employees

These are the people who make Local Heroes the Best Auto Repair and Service provider in Petaluma. They keep all our customers happy and coming back.

Freddy Blue


I bring 33 plus years of Automotive Experience as the owner of Local Heroes Auto Repair & Service. I am from the Casa Grande class of 1982; an Arizona Automotive Institute graduate of 1984; I became Smog licensed in 1984; I received my ASE Master Technician status in 1985 and have worked in Petaluma all my life except when I went to school. I was always Racing one thing or another. I was the 1996 Petaluma Speedway Rookie of the Year in Super Stock class and in 2009, Rookie of the year in Dirt Modifieds. I hope to again get my Race cars in top shape and look forward to hitting the Petaluma track again in the near future. I have 3 great kids; have been active in The Petaluma community in many ways supporting numerous community efforts. I was a coach in Little League Baseball; am an active member of local Petaluma Lions Club International and the Petaluma Chamber of Commerce. I’m proud to have maintained my A+ in the BBB since registering my business in 2010. I look forward to serving and helping the community for many more years, as well as keeping all your cars running great.

Lastly, I wish to thank all the customers, suppliers, partners and my family and friends who have supported me and helped me in so many ways over the years. It truly has been a thrill and I’m looking forward to many more years of servicing my customers and their auto needs.

Melissa H.

Service Manager/Advisor- Bodega Location

Melissa brings 20 plus years of automotive management experience to Local Heroes Auto. She has been with Local Heroes Auto now over 2 years and has been a vital and important contributor to our continued success and growth. She is a Pro’s, Pro!!! We here at Local Heroes Auto and Her customers respect and admire her for her commitment to Excellence and wanting to always help them and us out. Although we have a mostly younger staff, Melissa watches out for all them and mentors all of them and helps foster a positive work environment for everyone.

From Melissa: I have been a resident in Sonoma County for 20+ years. I moved out here from the Midwest. I have been in the automotive and parts industry for over 20 yrs and managing employees. I have enjoyed working in customer relations and serving the community. I have been through several training classes in business management, automotive training and customer satisfaction. I have worked very hard in the industry to provide care and integrity which has made me successful in the automotive industry today because I care and enjoy helping people out and getting them back in their vehicle safely and knowing they can go about their day efficiently. A little about my hobbies and how I got started in this industry was that I was involved with people who built and raced cars, which I grew to love also. I did a lot of off roading and still do. With that being said, I have been involved in cars and trucks my whole life … I enjoy camping, going to the lake on my spare time to talk about good times, listening to music and most importantly, spending time with my family and friends.

Jason T.

General Manager Santa Rosa Location

Jason has been with Local Heroes since 2016 and helped launch our newest location at 1610 Piner rd. in Santa Rosa. He is a US Army 20 Year veteran and has been in the Auto Repair business for over 25 years. He has been a great addition to Local Heroes. He is also a certified ASE technician. Jason is an avid motorcyclist and is Vice President of his local motorcycle chapter the Lords of Iron which helps and supports opportunity's for impoverished children.

Shawn G.

Service Manager

Service Manager at our Corona Repair Shop. Shawn has been with us going on 2 years now and is a vital contributor to his shops performance.

Beverly G.

Sr. Accountant

Beverly brings over 20 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience to Local Heroes auto. She may be the owners sister, but there is no one who cares more and who can keep track of the difficult task of keeping the financials for an expanding small auto business in order and now with 2 locations and plans for more.

Suzi M.

Sr. Administrator

Suzi has been with Local Heroes Auto and Fred for over 6 years. Suzi was the one who helped Fred during the tough times of starting and growing a small auto repair business. She brings a financial, marketing and educational background and experience to her job here. She also has become a wizard with dealing with parts ordering and suppliers for both shops. Every business has a right hand person, and Suzi has been that person for over 6 years now at Local Heroes Auto. She is now part time filling in during the busy times and in the summer.

Sarah M.

Assistant Service Advisor

Sarah joined Local Heroes Auto in 2016 and has been with us close to a year now. She supports both of our Petaluma Locations, but mainly the Corona Shop. She has excellent office skills and customer skills and also assists in the marketing and advertising requirements of Local Heroes. She is currently enrolled in college again with a long term goal of achieving her Nursing license. Everyone here loves working with her, and our customers are constantly saying what pleasant, professional and friendly person she is. She enjoys music, cooking, outdoor activities and raising her 3 wonderful children.

Ashley T.

Office Administrator

Ashley is our newest employee filling the position being vacated by Brad who is going back to college Full Time. We are grateful to have found such a qualified replacement.

Ashley enjoys music, is a Big Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks fan and loves going to concerts. She has a passion for Photography and Art. She enjoys the automotive related industry having previously worked a large Motorcycle dealer. She is the proud mom of her daughter and loves being involved with all of her activities and school and spending most of her time with her.

Brad N.

Staff Accountant

Brad has been with Local Heroes Auto for 2 years now and is responsible for all Accounting associated with both of our Shops at Bodega, Corona and Santa Rosa. He also assists with the tracking and integrity of other financial data important to the Day to Day Operations.

Brad is a former Honorably Discharged Marine, having served our country Honorably for 6 years. He is now part time a few hrs per week, having enrolled in college full time.

Doug E.

Master Certified ASE Technician

Doug has over 25 years of Automotive experience and is a Master Certified ASE technician. We were excited to be able to recruit a technician with Doug's experience and knowledge for our new Santa Rosa shop location. Doug has lived in Santa Rosa for many years with his wonderful wife and son and is an avid Civil War History buff. updated picture to come.

Rich L.

Master ASE Technician

Rich has over 25 years of Automotive experience and is a Master Certified ASE technician. Rich is an expert a diagnosing the tough problems. We were excited to be able to attract a technician with Rich's experience and knowledge. Rich has lived in Petaluma area for many years and is an avid motorcyclist and race car driver. He has raced at Petaluma Speedway in the Modified Stock division. He has three wonderful children and his son Derek also Works at Local Heroes.

Tyler S.

ASE Certified Tecnician

Tyler has been with Local Heroes Auto for over 5 years. He started out as an apprentice Technician for Fred and since has attained numerous ASE certifications. He is a vital contributor to Local Heroes Auto's success. He has a passion for all things cars and loves the career he has chosen. Tyler has been vitally important to Local Heroes over the years. Customers know and ask for him by name. He is what a lot young people should aspire to be, Hard Working, smart and a caring individual and an awesome Team member. Tyler is currently enrolled in Advanced smog training having recently attained his smog license.

Vinny L.

Sr. ASE Technician

Vinny joined Local Heroes last year and has been a positive addition to our Bodega location. He is a Sr. ASE Technician, having been in the industry over 25 years. He worked on his first car as a teenager and fell in love with working on cars. He has 3 wonderful daughters and enjoys spending a lot of his time with them. He loves riding his motorcycle and going camping at the Beach.

Conrad W.

Automotive Techncian

Conrad has been with Local Heroes Auto now for over 2 years, having been hired to support the Bodega location/expansion. He brings over 3 years of Automotive experience, and is currently enrolled in Advanced smog training having recently attained his smog license. He has a passion for rebuilding/tweaking & enhancing engines and also performance tuning on trucks. He is a talented young man, who has quickly become a key contributor to Local Heroes Auto.

Ben H.

Automotive Technician

Ben has been with Local Heroes Auto for almost a year. He's a talented and extremely smart individual, with an inclination for getting the job done right the first time. He is very dedicated and meticulous in ensuring our customers cars get the best care they can. He's a very hard working young man and always represents Local Heroes in highly professional manner and loves interacting with customers and ensuring their satisfaction. He continues to attend various training courses in preparation for taking his ASE Certification tests. He has a passion for Computers, all things software related and helps out with our Business Computing needs also.

Derek L.

Automotive Technician

Derek was born and raised in Sonoma and has lived here all his life. He fell in love with cars and working on them when his dad raced Modified Stock cars at Petaluma Speedway. He attended and graduated a 18 month Auto Repair program at UTI. He has been working as technician for over 3 years now and joined Local Heroes in 2016. He enjoys camping, bike riding hiking and of course working on cars. His girl friend attends college in Texas.

Corey R.

Automotive Technician

Corey joined Local Heroes Auto in 2015. He had worked as an Auto Technician for 4 plus years at another repair shop, before joining the Local Heroes Team and has close to 6 years exp. He is currently working on furthering his Automotive education, by studying to get his ASE Certifications in Transmission and Engine repair, Brakes and Diagnostics. Corey loves working on all types of cars, especially Diesel Trucks and Engines. Corey loves buying cars and fixing them and then trading up to cars he likes. He has been a wonderful addition to the Local Heroes Auto Team.

Greg W.

Automotive Techncian

Greg joined the Local Heroes Auto team in 2016, as part of our new Santa Rosa shop. He brings over 5 years experience in auto repair and has been a great addition to our team. He lives with his wife and children in Santa Rosa and enjoys spending his time with family and fiends. Updated picture to come.

Omar D.

Automotive Techncian

Omar attended college at SRJC and studied the automotive technology and graduated and attained his smog license in 2015. He has been with Local Heroes since 2016. more to come...

Travis N.

Auto Technician

Travis has been with Local Heroes Auto since 2015, primarily working at our Corona location. He is graduate of UTI and is currently working on getting his smog licence and ASE certifications completed. He has over 3 years of Automotive experience. He has a passion for motorcycles and fixing them. He is a talented young man, who has quickly become a valuable contributor here at Local Heroes.

Bryce  S.

Sr. ASE Certified Technician

What can we say about Bryce. To say He brings a lot of passion and excitement to the operation is an understatement, as well as being an excellent technician. He has been with Local Heroes for almost 2 years now. He is constantly learning and educating himself. He's always adding to his very impressive collection of Auto tools and diagnostic equipment and loves showing off his latest new tools. He is an Avid outdoors-man and always headed out to the water or into the mountains when he's not working. He has also become the resident chef/cook, always firing up his Snap-on Barbecue he won in a raffle for a Company Barbecue during lunches.

Joey W.

Jr. Automotive Technician

Joey has been with Local Heroes Auto for over 2 years now. He graduated from High School 2 years ago and is now in his second year in college, where he is taking Automotive Repair. He recently received 2 certifications from College in General Automotive Repair and Air conditioning repair. He takes care of all the needs of both shops, everything from Oil changes, Brake Jobs, Alignments, Tire changes, shop cleaning, painting, property repairs, and assisting other Technicians when needed. He has a great work ethic; always brightens up everyone's day and is just a very nice young man. Our Customers love him. Everyone who works here seems to always be asking "where's Joey", because they have something for him to do. He too loves Dirt bikes, being outdoors, spending time with his family, camping and plays on the company softball team and is an excellent player.

Brandon R.

Shop Helper

Brandon is a local High School student, who stopped by on his own initiative when he was 15 asking for a summer job, when he became 16. He's a great kid, who now still works part time when his schoolwork is all done and he spent last summer working for Local Heroes Auto. As part of the community we support, we think it is important to help out any young person when we can and will continue to so into the future.

Daisy D.


Daisy is our sometimes Shop Dog. She doubles as a ferocious guard dog too! At Local Heroes Auto our customers Pets are always welcome too!!! Fresh cold Water and treats for them too!!!

Piston Man

Over Seer of all things Auto Repair

The Genesis of "Piston Man" came from a Graphic artist we enlisted to help design a new company Logo. He can be funny, he can be serious, but He's always watching, and loves to ensure we take care of all our customers up to his standards, which just happens to be Perfection! Look for new versions of Piston mans as they come out, the next ones being Piston Turkey and Piston Claus. You can always come and see the 6 foot tall version of him in our Bodega Shop. He's constantly changing his look too.

Piston  Girl

Keeps Piston Man in line

Piston Girl keeps Piston Man on task!!! She also makes Melissa smile every time she sees her on her computer desktop. Melissa loves Pink!

Piston Trooper

Overseer of Military Discounts

I make sure all our Troops and Military personnel receive their well earned Local Heroes Auto Discount.