Please Support the Penngrove 4H and Parker and Piper!

July 14th, 2016

Local Heroes Auto is proud to support and acknowledge the effort of some local Penngrove Youths in supporting their Penngrove 4H Club, their dreams and hard work.   Please see Piper and Parkers heartwarming story they wrote for us and other supporters below:

Please check out thier Awesome Video they produced on their project:  


Sonoma County Fair Penngrove 4H members


Please take some time to read Piper and Parker's whole letter and more about the Penngrove 4H Chapter and the Sonoma 4H on our Blog.  It is nice that in todays world, that many of our local youth stil particpate in such worthwhile endeavors that teach them many aspects of living, repsonsibilty, hard work, having fun and respect.   Please Support Piper and Parker in their efforts and at the Sonoma County Fair coming up in a few weeks.

You can also check these link
s out for more information. and and and

To all our Customers please visit the Upcoming Sonoma County Fair.  For more information and schedules please visit

4-H is the nation’s largest positive youth development and youth mentoring organization, empowering six million young people in the U.S.


In partnership with 110 universities, 4-H life changing programs are research-backed & available through 4-H clubs, camps, afterschool & school enrichment programs in every county & parish in the U.S. 4-H is the youth development program of our nation's Cooperative Extension System & USDA.


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Subject: RE: 2016 Market Swine Project // Piper and Parker 

Hi Piper and Parker L.,

Check out what will showing up during the day once our Servers update.  If you would like any other info or changes to what we put on our website, please let us know.

We’ll make sure to see you at the fair, at least some of our employees and friends.

Good Luck!

Freddy Blue

Local Heroes Auto

From:Parker L []
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Dear Mr. Blue,

Thank you so much for helping spread the word about our market hogs. I am so blessed to be in a comunity with people like you who help and encourge the youth. Thanks again! We'll hope to see you at the fair!


Piper and Parker L.

On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 6:20 PM, localheroesauto <> wrote:

Hi Parker and Piper,

I really enjoyed our discussion.  I'm going to put your story and project, as well as the links below on my website Home page and will be asking for all our customers to support the 4H and your efforts as well.  It is nice to see young people with goals and the willingness to work hard to achieve thier drams.   Please pass this also along to your dad. 

Feel free to stop by anytime and say hi.

In a day or so, stop by  and you'll see your story and project.


Fred Blue


Local Heroes Auto


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From:Parker L

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Subject:2016 Market Swine Project // Piper and Parker Loden

Dear Mr. Blue and Ms. Hall,

Thank you so much for talking with my sister, Piper, and I about our market swine project without an appoiment. I really appreciate the contributions you make for American Graffiti aswell. It is such a great oranization and I'm proud to represent it and be a part of it. I will attach the music video and some informational letters my sister and I created about our pigs.

Thanks again, your time and consideration is always appreciated!


Piper and Parker 

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