New service Offerings Coming soon to Petaluma, Santa Rosa and all of Sonoma County

May 6th, 2017

BLOG POST 5/6/17:  smileysmileysmiley We've got some Exciting News coming soon on 2 new Services Local Heroes Auto is planning to roll out.  We feel they will be welcomed by all of our current customers and all of our future new customers.  Ideally they should both allow all of our customers the opportunity to make their days and busy schedules a bit easier and less hectic.  Please check occasionally here on our Blog as we roll them out. Customers in communities from Santa Rosa to Petaluma and throughout Sonoma County will be served and with convenient locations also for these new service offerings.  smileysmiley  Hope to See you soon and Many Thanks to each and every one of customers and Please have a Awesome Summer with Family and Friends!!!!

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