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Auto & Truck Repair - Tires in Petaluma & Santa Rosa, CA

Welcome to Local Heroes Auto Repair & Service

It is likely that you have stopped by our new web site  for one of a few possible reasons:

  1. You are looking for a friendly auto mechanic to answer all of your questions, honestly.
  2. You need auto repair services, like an Oil change, Brakes or to get the check engine diagnosed.  
  3. You need new tires, because the ones you have are losing their tread.
  4. You need a Smog Test - We are a STAR CERTIFIED Test & Repair Station and administer the CAP program.
  5. You need Diesel Truck/Car Engine repairs and Service - We Specialize in all types of Diesel Repairs.
  6. You need service or repairs on your Foreign made car, like Toyota, Honda, VW, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes.

Fortunately, at Local Heroes Auto Repair & Service we can help you with all of these problems, concerns and much more!  Use our Shop Tires Tool - We are one of the few Tire Dealers who publish the price you will pay when you shop online for your tires on our Website. In addition, we run specials for Tires and other offers that also that bring you more savings, just check our website too for those.   We are BBB A+ accredited and have 3 convenient locations to serve you with Two in Petaluma, CA. and our NEWEST ONE in Santa Rosa, CA at 1610 Piner Rd..

 Auto repair in Petaluma, CA

Wishing Everyone, all of our Presidents still with us and our Country a Wonderful Presidents Day! 

Used Vehicle Inspections and why you should have them done before you Buy!

Feb 19th, 2017 - See our Blog Here for more Articles. 

It’s always exciting to get a new car – even when it’s used. But it can feel like you’re going out on a limb a bit when you buy a used vehicle. I mean, people sell vehicles for a lot of reasons. Maybe they just wanted a new car, maybe there was something wrong with it, and maybe there was something really wrong with it.

It’s a great idea to order a report from a vehicle history service. This can uncover title problems and may reveal serious accidents or flood damage as well as any recall notices for the vehicle. Maintenance and repair records are a plus, but most sellers don’t have them.  Warning: Be careful or third party online independent Reports, only an inspection can completely cover you.

Of course the best thing is to get a professional to perform a used vehicle inspection. The inspection will go much deeper than just how good the vehicle looks and drives. You’ll get a feel for the vehicle’s overall condition, the status of major safety systems, and an indication of how well it has been maintained. You’ll get a good idea of any work that needs to be done – and that will help you determine an appropriate value for the vehicle.

It’s pretty easy to see how a used vehicle inspection is worth the cost. If problems are uncovered, you can either steer clear of the vehicle or bargain for a better price. If everything is OK, you’ll have a plan for addressing any routine services that should be done, not to mention a whole lot of peace of mind.  

At Local Heroes Auto, we charge between $75.00 & $120.00 to do an inspection,  It takes almost an hour and we provide a detailed report on everything found, the good and the bad.  Over the past year we have had least 15 customers come to us after their car purchase only to find out they need hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of repairs, the kind that are not easily seen at time of purchase.  We have also performed over 30 Inspections for customers, of which over 1/2 of them did not purchase the vehicle.  

We are here to help you make an informed decision and usually we will fit you right in and we do not mind the dealer or individual owner party coming along with you.  We can do this both of our locations in Petaluma as well as our location in Santa Rosa. 

It’s easy to fall in love with a vehicle – just don’t let your feelings cloud your judgment. Have us perform a used vehicle inspection so that you’ll know if you’re getting a peach, or a lemon.

Happy car hunting - 
Local Heroes Auto

Effective December 1, 2016 Local Heroes Auto is pleased to announce that all three of our locations are now offering a 36 month/36K mile warranty on most repairs through the Napa Auto Care program.
Napa 36 month 

Local Heroes Auto is Pleased & Excited to promote our newest location in Santa Rosa, Ca. having been open since July 2016.  Local Heroes Auto Care is located at 1610 Piner Rd Santa Rosa, Ca 95403.   We offer all the same Quality services and programs that we provide at our other locations, including Smog Cert's (2000 & newer vehicles only), New Tires, Brakes, Shocks, Major & Minor repairs, Transmission and Engine replacements/repairs, Diesel Service and Upgrades, All Fluid Services, Dealer Warranty Services, Catalytic Convertors, and many other services & repairs.

We are very proud to have hired and to be employing some top quality local talent, as well as well as supporting this new location with some of our existing employees.  We believe our Technicians and Staff will not disappoint our new customers and they are led by our GM at this location,  Jason T.  Please stop by and say hello to him and to all of our staff.  

In addition, at this location, we will be rolling out a Truly State of the Art Digital customer program, allowing all of our customers to easily & quickly communicate/interface with us about all their Auto Care needs through their mobile devices, tablets & computers. Our Petaluma locations will  follow shortly after. 

Look for Ads and Specials in all the Press Democrat Sunday papers, online always at and our website.   You can Contact us by email at: or by phone at 707-791-7309.
You can also submit your online appointments at this link here and schedule any service or repairs you need.  

Lastly, we look forward to serving the Santa Rosa community and surrounding areas of Windsor, Forrestville, Guernville & Rohnert Park.   Please take a look at our completely remodeled facility and customer waiting area, all designed with our customers auto needs and personal comfort taken into account.  We still have a few minor touch-ups going on and new equipment being installed over the next few weeks, so we appreciate your patience.  

Local Hereos Auto Care  Local Hereos Auto Care Garage local heroes auto care customer local heroes auto care Piner Rd

local heroes auto care 1610 piner rd santa rosa local heroes auto care office

Thank You Santa Rosa and Surrounding Areas For Your Support!

Extended Warranty and Fleet Programs:  Local Heroes Auto is pleased to announce that we accept and honor almost all Extended, Dealer provided, 3rd Party and Aftermarket Auto Warranty’s and service plans.  We handle all the administration of your claim/repair with your coverage provider, including 30 day pays.  Some coverage is limited however, due to certain conditions depending on the type of policy you have.  We help you manage the entire process and claim with your provider.   Some of the Top warranty’s providers in the market are: AUL, First Extended Warranty, The Warranty Group[, Endurance, Delta Auto Protect, CarChex, AA Auto Protection, ForeverCar, Trustmark, American Standard, ProtectMyCar, WarrantyDirect, CarShield, PayMyRepairs, CarMax/MaxCare and American Auto Shield. and others also.

We also accept almost all Company/Corporate Fleet Program Policies and Cards and work directly with your company or provider on your behalf administering all services and repairs.  We also accept 30 Day invoice pays.

Endurance  CarChex  ProtectMyCar  CarShield


Quick Tip:  Diesel VehicleTips: Diesel Advantages & Disadvantages towoning and Tips to keep them running good if you have one.  To keep your Diesel Engines running crisp and clean we recommend getting a BG Service done.  Click the Napa Service Assistant picture for more information & Great Advice.  

 Napa Service        __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

June 21, 2016: Check back real soon for some exciting news. Local Heroes Auto will be rolling out 2 new services in the next few weeks to better serve our Customers, the Petaluma Community & Surrounding areas, as well as a New Location in Sonoma County.  We want to Thank all our Customers and Partners for their continued support and patronage. 


Service Rollout Update #6 August 20, 2016:  $$ NOW HIRING $$ Auto Technicians, Smog Technicians, an ASST. Service Writer &  Office Administrator.  Local Heroes Auto is excited to be $$ NOW HIRING $$  for multiple fulltime positions in Santa Rosa and Petaluma.  We are proud  to Announce that we will be shortly opening our NEW Location in Santa Rosa, CA, LOCAL HEROES AUTO CARE, In OCTOBER 2016.   Our NEWEST Location is at 1610 Piner Rd. in Santa Rosa.  We can be reached at our NEW number at this location at 707-791-7309 or for more information at 707-765-1975.  You can Apply/Inquire by email to or Apply Online and Read about our Available Positions here: We look Forward to having you join our Teams!!

Service Rollout Update #5 August 15, 2016:  Local Heroes Auto is Excited to Announce that we will be shortly opening our NEW Location in Santa Rosa, CA, LOCAL HEROES AUTO CARE, In OCTOBER.   Our NEW Location is at 1610 Piner Rd. and will be a full NAPA Auto Care Center offering all the benefits that a major company like NAPA affords consumers needing auto repair.  We can be reached at our NEW number at this location at 707-791-7309 or for more information at 707-765-1975.  This will be the first Local Heroes Auto location offering a full 36K/36month WARRANTY on all repairs.

Look for coming updates on our website about this exciting endeavor, scheduling your appointments, etc.  We'll be offering the same Quality services and programs we provide at our Petaluma locations such as
Smog Certifications, Tires, Major and Minor Repairs and Services, Muffler/Exhaust systems and many more.  We'll be servicing all years and makes of Cars, Trucks & Diesel vehicles, both Foreign and Domestic.  In addition, at this location we will be rolling out a Truly State of the Art Digital customer interfacing program, allowing all customers to easily and quickly interface with us about all their Auto Care needs.

We are proud to be joining the Santa Rosa community and surrounding areas like Windsor, Sebpastopol, Forrestville, & Guernville and look forward to meeting new friends and providing Quailty automotive services to our new customers.

Our new location was formally Eichlers' Auto & Truck Repair, which was owned and run by Tom Eichler, who passed away suddenly a few months ago.  Tom ran a successful business there for over 25 years, with a loyal following and we hope to continue his success, service and community contributions to the Santa Rosa area.   He was known for his service & repair of not just Cars, but all types of
Trucks and for Servicing the local US Postal Fleet of vehicles; as well as his commitment and support of community efforts.  Rest in Peace Tom!

We Hope Everyone is having/had a Great Summer and we look forward to introducing ourselves and meeting new friends and the people of Santa Rosa this coming Fall and Holiday Season!!!  

Service Rollout Update #4 August 9, 2016:  Local Heroes Auto is Excited to Announce that we have partnered with SimpleTire, a Nationwide Online Tire Provider.  They have extremely competitive pricing and offer free shipping to your home, or to one of their Preferred Installers, and Local Heroes Auto has been accepted as one of their Preferred Installers at all 3 of our locations.  Local Heroes Auto can also directly provide Tires for all of our customers through this partnership and other partnerships we have with major tire Distributors; but in this new age of online consumer shopping, some customers prefer to do their own shopping and pricing and SimpleTire provides them a way to that.  In the end its about all of our customers getting the best value they can whether through us or one of our partners.   Give SimpleTire a Try! Go here to see your Preferred SimpleT Installer locations:

Simple Tire Online
  Military Tire Discount  Simple Tire

We Hope Everyone is having a Great Summer and let us know how we can help you prepare for the start of the New School year and Fall period coming up. 

Service Rollout Update #3 July 30, 2016:  Local Heroes Auto is Excited to Announce that we will be shortly opening a NEW Location in Santa Rosa, CA, LOCAL HEROES AUTO CARE.   We'll be offering the same Quality services and programs we provide at our Petaluma locations such as Smog Certifications, Tires, Major and Minor Repairs and Services, and many more.  In addition, at this location we will be rolling out a Truly State of the Art Digital customer interfacing program, allowing all customers to easily and quickly interface with us about all their Auto Care needs.  MORE to come shortly on Location and Opening Date.  

We Hope Everyone is having a Great Summer and we look forward to introducing ourselves and meeting new friends and the people of Santa Rosa!!!  

Service Rollout Update #1 July 1, 2016:  Starting July 9th, 2016 Local Heroes Auto Repair is proud to announce we will be providing Exhaust, Catalytic Converter, Manifold and Muffler repairs at our 1769 Bodega Ave, Petaluma location.  Also if you need Custom Exhaust work, stop by and talk with us, we'll be happy to provide you a quote.  Check us out if you need Quality Exhaust work performed.

Petaluma Muffler, our long term partner at this location for many years, has decided after many successful years to help transition their business to Local Heroes Auto Repair.  All of Petaluma Muffler's customers will receive the same top notch quality service that they have enjoyed for years from Petaluma Muffler.


Local Heroes Auto is proud to support and acknowledge the effort of some local Penngrove Youths in supporting their Penngrove 4H Club, their dreams and hard work.   Please see their heartwarming story they wrote for us and other supporters on our Blog here.

Sonoma County Fair Penngrove 4H members

Penngrove Parade Penngrove 4H

Please take some time to read Piper and Parker's whole letter and more about the Penngrove 4H Chapter and the Sonoma 4H on our Blog.  It is nice that in todays world, that many of our local youth still participate in such worthwhile endeavors that teach them many aspects of living, responsibility, hard work, having fun and respect.   Please Support Piper and Parker in their efforts and at the Sonoma County Fair coming up in a few weeks.

Please check out their Awesome Video they produced on their project:  MUST SEE VIDEO BELOW=

You can also check these links out for more information. and and and

To all our Customers please visit the Upcoming Sonoma County Fair.  For more information and schedules please visit

Immediate Openings!  Local Heroes Auto is Hiring Qualified Auto & Smog Technicians in Petaluma, Ca. Sign-On $$ BONUS $$ based on exp. Health & other Benefits Available.  Apply here & here 


Local Heroes Auto & Petaluma Napa Auto Parts
Congratulate California's Own, Rookie Alexander
Rossi, who Just Won the 100th running of the
Indy 500.  Rossi, NAPA & Local Heroes = WINNERS

  Napa Alex Rossi Alexander Rossi Napa


Read more on our Blog here


Another Local Heroes Auto Satisfied Customer
with his New Rims & Tires, as well as complete
overhaul of his Suspension.  His parting words
as he pulled out "Elvis has left the Building!"

Corvette Restore


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" "Love this place" This was over all my best experience with Auto Care. The people where awesome, honest, caring and friendly. I will recommend you to all my friends and family! "  |  October 21, 2016

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